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STENFIS internal production is mainly composed of wooden windows and shutters, as well as aluminium-coated wooden windows decorated in a range of RAL colours or with wood-effect finish:

  • 57 mm windows with wooden or aluminium drip sill;
  • 68 mm windows with aluminium drip sill (with optional wooden coating for the aluminium);
  • 68 mm windows with shaped profile and aluminium drip sill (with optional wooden coating for the aluminium);
  • 54 mm shutters with slats measuring 70 x 12 mm. (Viareggio style, demi-Florentine style and true Florentine style);
  • Wooden doors;
  • Doors which lift and slide and/or slide into the wall

Wood is a perfect construction material: it is long-lasting, warm, insulating, sophisticated and very beautiful. However, as a result of problems from the past, there is a widespread opinion that wood, or rather the finish applied to it, is not very durable and therefore involves costly and complicated maintenance.

The wooden windows made by STENFIS are treated with the Remmers Long Protection system, providing a definitive answer to this problem and guaranteeing a period of at least 10 years without any maintenance.

Windows treated with the Remmers coating are therefore more competitive in terms of durability when compared with alternative products made from PVC or aluminium.

STENFIS products carry all the certifications of quality awarded by accredited laboratories.

As a result of these certifications, involving close inspection of production and incoming materials, Stenfis was able to apply the CE mark to its products even before the recent legal requirements. Moreover every single item produced carries a unique, exclusive label, enabling the company to trace all the components and processes involved in its manufacture.

To satisfy all the needs of its clients, Stenfis also markets the following:

  • Internal doors (FerreroLegno, Toscocornici, Casali, etc.)
  • Armoured doors (Dierre)
  • Safety grates, rails and shutters (all products related to security)
  • Aluminium shutters
  • PVC windows
  • Parquet flooring